Request for tenders

County Wicklow Partnership, on behalf of the Wicklow Outdoor Recreation Committee (WORC), is now seeking submission for the Development of an Outdoor Recreation Strategy for County Wicklow.


County Wicklow offers recreational users the opportunity to engage in adventure activities in various topographical environments, such as mountain terrains, peatland, lake lands, whitewater rivers and diverse coastlines.   The Wicklow Mountains form the largest continuous upland region in Ireland and is considered to be the most used location in the country for recreational activities as a result of its close proximity to the urban district of Dublin City.

In Wicklow today, Outdoor Recreation objectives for the county are coordinated and implemented by the Wicklow Outdoor Recreation Committee (WORC), comprised of representatives from key stakeholders in outdoor recreation in the district.  This group oversees countywide plans to enhance the user experience of outdoor recreation for residents and visitors to the county.

WORC has functioned as the implementing body for the current Outdoor Recreation Strategy 2009-2013.  Since this documents inception, a considerable shift has taken place in the Outdoor Recreation environment throughout Ireland, with ever increasing participant numbers every year.  The type of adventure product sought by potential tourists to the county has also shifted since the last strategy, as a greater number of visitors seek out unique adventure experiences.  WORC now hope to realign its aims and objectives as a result of an updated strategy.


Please see more detailed request for tender document at the link below.

Wicklow Outdoor Rec Strategy 2019-2024


Overall Aim

The consultant is charged with the development of a 5-year strategy for Outdoor Recreation for County Wicklow, examining the nature and extent of existing countryside recreation provision within its boundaries and establishing a roadmap for the future development of Outdoor Recreation for the county.

The closing date for submissions of tenders is 1pm on Friday 17th August 2018.

No application will be accepted after the deadline date.

All proposals are required to submit two hard copies only in a sealed envelope, clearly marked “Confidential” and “Recreation Strategy Tender”, no later than 1pm on Friday 17th August 2018 to:

Brian Carty

County Wicklow Partnership,

Avoca River House,

Bridgewater Centre,


Co. Wicklow.