County Wicklow Partnership is a Local Development Company which was established in 2007 by the merger of three organisations, namely Arklow Community Enterprise, Wicklow Working Together and Wicklow Rural Partnership. This merger was a result of the Government led cohesion process, which required the merger of local development entities to form what we know today as Local Development Companies.

Since its foundation in 2007, County Wicklow Partnership has a strong track record of effective management of social inclusion supports across a range of themes and headings. It has delivered the Local Development Social Inclusion Programme (LDSIP) 2006-2010; the Local Community Development Programme (LCDP) 2011-2014, SICAP 2015-2017, each a precursor to SICAP 2018-2022.

County Wicklow Partnership is charged with delivering a range of national programmes on a county wide level including the current SICAP, LEADER, Tús and a range of other initiatives. It is contracted to deliver SICAP and the LEADER on behalf of the Wicklow LCDC.

County Wicklow Partnership is overseen by a Board of Directors drawn from the community, local government and key NGO stakeholders.  Board membership includes representatives from the statutory, Local Authority, community & voluntary pillar along with the social partners.

County Wicklow Partnership’s history and track record of delivery of social inclusion programmes is backed by a strong development and administrative team that are highly experienced, qualified and firmly connected to the communities and key stakeholders in the County.

The programmes currently offered by County Wicklow Partnership are:

  • SICAP 2018-2022 – providing support for disadvantaged communities and individuals from specific target group using a bottom up community development approach across the 3 municipal districts of Arklow, Wicklow & Baltinglass
  • LEADER 2014-2020 – EU Rural Development funding supporting the development of Rural Enterprise and Rural Communities. This is done through the community lead local development approach i.e. bottom up.
  • Tús/RSS – provides short term working opportunities for unemployed people so as to benefit communities across Co. Wicklow.
  • Wicklow Child & Family Project – provides a community based family support service in Wicklow Town and surrounding areas.
  • Healthy Food Made Easy (HFME) Programme – encourages healthy eating, improves nutritional knowledge and eating behaviours of participants.
  • Rural Recreation Programme (RRP) – supports the expansion of outdoor recreational opportunities (including walks) in Co. Wicklow for residents and tourists alike.
  • Tobacco Cessation Project – piloting tobacco cessation interventions for hardest to reach groups in the county.