LEADER Programme Projects Map

The 2014 – 2020 LEADER Rural Development Programme closed in March 2021. County Wicklow Partnership supported 145 applications to the programme which were awarded the funding by Wicklow Local Community Development Committee (LCDC). Explore the below map which details the applications approved by Wicklow LCDC for funding.

This map can be broken down into the three themes of the programme. Rural Economic Development, Enterprise Development & Job Creation; Social Inclusion and Rural Environment. Each information box on each project displays the amount of funding awarded as well as the sub-theme the project was funded under.

This map shows the substantial level of investment made by this LEADER programme into Rural Wicklow. Applicants to the LEADER programme show great commitment to their local economy, community and environment. These projects, through the evaluation and approvals process of the programme, were shown to be strategic, innovative and impactful in their respective thematic areas and the promoters of each project have demonstrated significant capacity in how they will deliver each project.

Congratulations to all involved!

Over €7.2 million in funding was awarded to LEADER projects in County Wicklow in this programme. This was in excess of the original allocation of €4.7 million given to County Wicklow due to additional LEADER funds drawn down from the LEADER Co-operation budget, LEADER Food Initiative, the transitional LEADER programme and through EURI (European Union Recovery Instrument) funding.

145 applications were awarded grant aid in this programme.

Projects were supported across the three themes of the programme and varied significantly in size with the smallest grant of €1,602.38 being awarded to Garden of Ireland Vintage Car Club to host their 10 year anniversary car rally and the largest grant of €303,941.05 awarded to Tinahely Hall for important refurbishments to the building which shows the wide scope of support the programme can provide. The average grant amount during this programme was €44,311.95 and the median grant amount was €18,265.50


Total Theme 1: Rural Economic Development, Enterprise Development and Job Creation


Sub Theme: Rural Tourism 1,319,343.23
Sub Theme:  Enterprise Development 2,873,644.18
Sub Theme: Rural Towns 1,013.610.00



Total Theme 2: Social Inclusion 1,139,911
Sub Theme: Basic Services for Hard to Reach Communities 998,392.86
Sub Theme: Rural Youth 141,518.14


Total Theme 3:  Rural Environment 899,012.12
Sub Theme: Local Biodiversity 518,234.88
Sub Theme: Renewable Energy 144,478.15
Sub Theme: Water Resources 236,299.09


Total Programme Grant Aid Awarded