Social Prescribing Wicklow Town and its Environs

Social prescribing is about supporting the health and wellbeing of people by using community based activities and supports such as exercise, art, reading and green activities. There is also a focus on looking at opportunities in volunteering, training and stress management other supports provided by local community and voluntary groups.

The social prescribing well-being coordinator will talk to you about what activities interest you, the benefits of participating in them and will assist and support you in attending these activities.

Benefits of social prescribing:

Social prescribing provides you with opportunities to:

  • Learn a new skill or hobby or participate in a new activity
  • Improve your mental and physical health
  • Meet new people
  • Receive social support from others
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Become more involved in your community

Who is it for?

The programme is for you if you feel that you need some support to mind your health and well-being or if you are feeling isolated, stressed, anxious or depressed. Using resources within the community will help you to benefit from meeting other people or taking part in a new activity. Anyone over the age of 18 years is eligible. It is a free and fully confidential service.  You can ask your GP or health professional to make a referral to the social prescribing well-being coordinator or you can simply contact the social prescriber directly by email or telephone.

Contact details:

Paul Brown

087 332 4637