Wicklow Trails Passport Launched

County Wicklow Partnership are delighted to launch the Wicklow Trails Passport.  This pilot project, developed using funds from Healthy Ireland, will encourage families located in the Rathdrum area to get out and discover trails in their local community.


The goal of this project will be to encourage families to discover and use walking trails in their local community for recreational purposes, while rewarding participates with novel stamps to collect on each trail.  Young people will be encouraged to visit the five trails with their families and friends during the next number of weeks to seek out and stamp their own Wicklow Trails Passport.


Leading the project is County Wicklow Partnership’s Rural Recreation Officer, Bryan Fennell, who stated that “This pilot programme is a first for the county and will highlight the incredible trails available to people of the Rathdrum area.  Inside each passport, users will find details of five locations to visit with their families to seek out the Trails Passport Stamp, hidden within the forests areas around Rathdrum.    Along with description of these trails, the Passport will include heritage information for the area, suggestions on what to wear when walking and details about the Leave No Trace principals.  It is hoped that this project will grow in the years to come, to include trails from all over the county”

The Wicklow Trails Passport stamps will be on location in the Rathdrum area for the month of February.  Visitors to the area can join in the fun by printing their own copy of the passport, located at this link ….Wicklow Trails Passport

Students from Clochar Muire National School, Rathdrum Boys National School and St Saviours National School receiving their trails passport from Bryan Fennell, Rural Recreration Officer for CWP.