LEADER Programme 2014 – 2020

Information on making a LEADER Application

County Wicklow Partnership (CWP) on behalf of Wicklow Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) is welcoming applications to the LEADER Rural Development Programme from communities and enterprises across county Wicklow.

You are welcome to contact a County Wicklow Partnership LEADER Development Officer for advice and guidance on whether your proposed project is eligible under the LEADER programme.



Email Address

Siobhán Mehigan Rural Development Officer smehigan@wicklowpartnership.ie
Alison Keogh Rural Development Officer akeogh@wicklowpartnership.ie

An Expression of Interest (EOI) form should be submitted to CWP in advance of proceeding with a LEADER Application. Please email info@wicklowpartnership.ie for a copy of the form and one of our Rural Development Officers will be in touch to advise on how to progress your proposal into a LEADER Application.

Please see below our Application Handbook and our Public Procurement Guidelines for LEADER Funding Applicants for your information.

LEADER Application Handbook 2018

Public Procurement Guidelines for LEADER Funding Applicants

Application Deadline Dates 2018/2019

Applications are being accepted on a rolling, first come, first served basis. See below deadline dates for the receipt of complete applications in 2018:

  • 4th October, 2018
  • 6th December, 2018
  • 25th February, 2019
  • 29th April, 2019
  • 24th June 2019

A CWP Rural Development Officer will advise on what is required for a complete application. Incomplete applications cannot be progressed to a decision until all required information has been submitted.

CWP are happy to advise all prospective LEADER applicants on how to make a complete application.