The Community Tobacco Project

The Community Tobacco Project was established in 2017 in collaboration with HSE Health Promotion & Improvement and County Wicklow Partnership.  The Project works with the goals that underpin a Tobacco Free Ireland.  Firstly, to protect children and adults from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke (Our Smoke Free Initiatives) and secondly, to reduce inequalities and to affect change in attitudes and behaviours to smoking and make smoke free the norm at community level (promotional leaflets, group work, research project).  Over the last few years we have been working closely with the Healthy Clubs GAA, Wicklow Traveller Group and various Municipal District Representatives to promote Wicklow as a Smoke Free Community.


The project has signs across many areas in Co. Wicklow promoting a Smoke Free area i.e. The GAA county grounds, GAA centre of Excellence, GAA pitches, several playgrounds and the Arklow recreation area.  What we want now is to make County Wicklow a Smoke Free Community and we need your help.  Sign up here to get your business, organisation, home, car, community Smoke Free.  After registering you will receive a phone call from the coordinator of the project who will get you set up and send you your Smoke Free Pack.  The pack includes a personalised Smoke Free Policy for your organisation, or a Smoke Free Pledge for your home.  You will gain a Smoke Free Sign.  This sign must be displayed to visualise our hope to get County Wicklow Smoke Free.  You will also gain direct access to our local Quit Team in the HSE who work to support individuals to quit smoking.  You will also get some Smoke Free resources.  Register now to get yours.


For more information contact:

Mailyn Bass;  087-1500234                 email:

Please contact Mailyn on for more information.  Your resource pack will be on the way to you soon.