Board Directors

Ms. Liz Wall                                    Chairperson – ICA Representative

Ms Mairead Arthur                         Company Secretary, Social Partners- Farming Pillar

Cllr. Miriam Murphy                       Local Authority Member

Avril Bailey                                     Community & Voluntary/PPN Representative

Mr. Philip Beck                               Environment/PPN Representative

Cllr. Melanie Corrigan                    Local Authority Member

Cllr Joe Behan                                 Local Authority Member

Cllr John Mullen                              Local Authority Member

Mr Tommy Tutty                              Community & Voluntary/PPN Representative 

Insp. Michelle Byrne                       An Garda Siochana Representative

Mr Wesley Atkinson                       National Parks & Wildlife Service

Ms Susan Nichols                          Local Authority Representative


The Board has the following sub-committees:

Audit & Risk Committee

Ms. Liz Wall                                       Chairperson

Ms Mairead Arthur                           Company Secretary, IFA representative – Farming Pillar


                       Executive Committee

Ms Liz Wall                                    Chairperson

Ms Mairead Arthur                        Company Secretary, IFA representative – Farming Pillar

Ms Avril Bailey                              Community & Voluntary/PPN

Cllr Miriam Murphy                      Local Authority Member



CWP Line Management Group:

Mr. Brian Carty                

Ms. Maria Gildea

Mr. John Healy                

Ms. Christine Keegan     

Ms. Kay O’Connor           


Head of Finance & Administration

Tús/RSS Supervising Coordinator

Manager, Wicklow Child & Family Project

Social Inclusion Manager