Healthy Food Made Easy

Healthy eating is now recognized as a major contributor to good health.

Not only does healthy eating protect against heart disease, some cancers and obesity, but healthy eating also helps you feel well.

The aims of the programme are:

  • To encourage healthy eating
  • To improve the nutritional knowledge and eating behaviour of participants
  • and their families
  • To empower participants to make healthy, nutritious and economical food
  • choices for themselves and their families
  • To reduce diet-related illness from preventable diseases

Healthy Food Made Easy programme is organised and run by the HSE and the
Co. Wicklow Partnership. Healthy Food Made Easy is a healthy eating initiative for all population groups. This is not a weight loss programme. The course runs once a week for four, five or six weeks depending on the groups needs. Each session will take 2-2½ hours to run. All weeks include a theory session and a cookery session in which all participants become actively involved.

The emphasis throughout the programme is on group learning rather than formal teaching. Methods used include group discussion, worksheets and handouts, quizzes, problem-solving games, as well as the enjoyment of participating in preparing, cooking and tasting foods.

The programme outline is as follows:

  1. Building a food pyramid
  2. The Fibre providers
  3. Focus on fats
  4. Food for Life
  5. Shop smart
  6. Behaviour change and the road ahead

Participants who have completed the programme have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the programme.

All that is required from local community groups are premises that have one or more cooking areas and a list of willing and enthusiastic participants from the local community.

For more information contact:
Anne Kavanagh, Project Coordinator, 0402 20955


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