Board of County Wicklow Partnership

CWP is a company limited by guarantee with 15 directors. The board is comprised of four pillars:

Local Authority
Social Partners
Community & Voluntary

  1. Cllr. James Ruttle, Wicklow County Council
  2. Cllr. Vincent Blake, Wicklow County Council
  3. Cllr. Pat Casey, Wicklow County Council
  4. Mr. Chris Hill, Farming Pillar
  5. Ms. Amanda Mooney, Farming Pillar
  6. Ms. Martina Robinson, Chambers of Commerce
  7. Mr. Pat Brennan, Community & Voluntary Pillar
  8. Mr. John Mullen, Community & Voluntary Pillar
  9. Vacant, Community & Voluntary Pillar
  10. Ms. Jo Lynch, Community & Voluntary Pillar
  11. Mr. Bernard Keating, Community & Voluntary Pillar
  12. Mr. Tom Gregan, Wicklow County Enterprise Board
  13. Vacant , Teagasc
  14. Mrs. Christine Flood, Wicklow County Council
  15. Mr. Paul Leahy, Environmental Pillar